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Yoga Retreat Days


An indulgent day of Yoga, Nutrition, Healing, Visualisation & mind balance.
The day starts at 10am and ends at 4pm.

A full day gives you time to slow everything right down and focus on You
It is all about you and your personal growth.
Yoga days will include Asanas, Nutrition, breathing, visualisation, and focus healing 
Learn your power and the influence that you directly have on your own health
Discussions about physical health and nutrition, the mind and the inner spirit.

The next Yoga retreat day is 15th July 2018

@The Ivanhoe Centre Gardens Lane Conisbrough

The 333 plan with Belinda White

1. Physical Health
2. Mental Health
3. Spiritual Health 

Practising the beautiful art of Yoga.
The day includes

A full day of Yoga, Meditation, Inspiration & Enlightenment.

A journey towards self discovery.

Let go of pain, stress and fear. HEAL yourself

Reconnect with your true divine self and find your inner peace.


A Calming Energising and Enlightening day 

 email to book. 

The retreat is held at the introductory rate of £20 

book direct here