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My name is Belinda White.
I am the founder of The 333 plan. 
Yoga, Mental health, Spiritual health & Nutrition have become a vocation for me.
It is my purpose on this earth to spread healing and compassion to all beings
I am a Vegan and I studied nutrition specifically to help people to heal from food related diseases.
I became a Vegan through my development in spirituality, realising that I could not be spiritual and participate in any animal cruelty. I am a qualified nutritionist and also qualified as a specialised Vegan nutrition practitioner. I also have a diploma in food allergies and intolerances.
I a qualified spiritual healer.
I realised that meat and dairy had played a large part in making me sick. I suffered from Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, irritable bowel & hormone fluctuations.
Living in todays stressed fast moving world as a Working Mother I felt under great pressure as most of us do. I was sick and The 333 plan healed my body, mind and spirit.

My weight has been a size 16 and a size 6. I am now a healthy size 8/10 and feel blessed to have my life rather than resentful of it. I discovered Yoga about 30 years ago and became a Yoga teacher around 15 Yrs ago.
It has changed my life completely. 

The 333 plan has produced results which have been wonderful in ways that I never expected. 
It is exciting to inspire others and there are no gimmicks or fad dieting. Just honest wholesome truth.
I have nothing to sell you, no products or powders etc,  I just want to give you information that I have discovered through my own healing, training and spiritual connection.
After helping to cleanse my body, focus my mind and connect to source I realised that all of my life began to open up into a place where I felt invigorated and alive. 

Alcohol, nicotine, sugar, salt, fat etc feel like a reward (trust me I've been right there with you)
The reality is that they are part of the actual cause!
Alcohol dulls emotions and so does junk food. Numbing emotions is one of the major causes of disease. Negative emotions set a cellular activity in motion. This works the opposite way too. Positive emotions incite healing.  Cleansing from the inside helps you to deal with life realistically. You can see more clearly and your path becomes a journey that you want to travel.  
Self love becomes a priority and the need to pollute yourself or allow negative people in your life become a thing of the past.

The 333 plan is the realisation that all three must be healthy
1. Body
2. Mind
3. Spirit

The balance of the three elements is the power to heal, bring happiness and find a deep sense of peace.


Sharing knowledge with others is the ultimate reward and as your guide I am here to help you to start your journey.