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Living in todays stressed fast moving world as a Working Mother I felt under pressure as most of us do.

My weight has been a size 16 and a size 6. I am now a healthy size 8/10 and feel blessed to have my life rather than resentful of it. I discovered Yoga about 30 years ago and became a Yoga teacher around 15 Yrs ago. I have changed my diet completely, I practice Yoga regularly and the benefits are so amazing that I want to share them.

The results have been wonderful in ways that I had never expected. I feel so grounded and at peace with myself. My food is not an obsession or an addiction, I am happy. I love my body and I look & feel much younger than I am. 
It is exciting to inspire others and there is no gimmicks or fad dieting. Just honest wholesome truth.
I have nothing to sell you, no products or powders etc,  I just want to give you what I have found.
After helping to cleanse my body from the inside I realised that all of my other issues vanished. Stress, lack of sleep, depression, self confidence (the list is endless). 
Alcohol, nicotine, sugar, salt, fat etc feel like a reward when you are stuck in a rut (trust me Ive been right there with you)
What you dont see is that they are the actual cause! Cleansing from the inside deals with everything. You can see what you need to be doing and you have better morals. You want to do more and you feel unbelievable.
Without wanting to scare people away you want to stand on the roof and shout STOP POLLUTING YOURSELF! YOU ARE AMAZING! LOVE YOUSELF BACK TO HEALTH! YOU HAVE THE POWER IN YOUR OWN HANDS!

Sharing my knowledge with others is the ultimate reward and as your Yoga teacher I am here to help you to start your journey. I cant wait to meet you. 

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