Belinda White Yoga
The 333 plan
My food diary

Shopping list

 Always have plenty of food readily available as you do not want to feel hungry and then

find yourself reaching for processed foods. Preparation is key. This is not a diet so there

should be no hunger! Buy lots on fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts/seeds etc.

Your body is largley made up of water and high water fruits absorb fast. Nourishing,

healing and feeding you with natures most perfect vitamin rich food.

Try to make the morning and lunch time high in an abundance of juicy fruits, raw veggies

and salads. 

Great items to add to your shopping

Brown rice

Sweet potatoes (Bake them, make curries, make oven chips)

Tinned  tomatoes use them in soups & pasta dishes

Every fruit you can lay your hands on.

I like to eat an array of fruits, as many varieties as I can.

Juicy fruits should be eaten in abundance.

Advocados limited to every other day

Eat as much fruit as you want, it is natural sugar and therefore will not cause  sugar spikes.

It is a myth that fruit can cause diabetes or worsen it. Fruit eaten in its whole form has fibre to slow down the release of natural sugar. Only refined sugars will create those spiking issues.

Type 2 diabetes can be reversed on a plant based diet & a plant based lifestyle is the only diet that has ever been proven to reverse heart disease.

Dates are like sweets and they can help stop cravings for refined sweets. Have dried fruits as a snack and not in huge amounts because the sugars are concentrated from when the fruit was in its original state.
Pack ripe fruits into smoothies. Bannana & Date smoothies are my absolute favourite. Remember no limits on fresh fruits, they are the most healing. 

An abundance of vegetables of all varieties and salads

Mushrooms are my meat! Big fat juicy mushrooms. Make them the meat of curries, stir frys, shepherds pies.

Onions and garlic are great for flavour. Bright coloured peppers in stir frys and curries. Roasted vegetables. Oven chips etc etc.

Porridge oats & chia seeds made with rice/almond/oat milk and agave syrup is very filling and delicious. Soak them overnight to allow the chia seeds to exand and make the oats easier to digest

Rice milk/Almond Milk/Soya Milk/Oat milk are great alternatives to cows milk

Dairy free spreads

Coconut oil for cooking

Peanut butter (Eat in moderation)

Nuts & Seeds  (Keep nuts and seeds low)

I have a Vitamix blender & a Nutri bullet for travelling. I love my smoothies daily for convenience, health and to satisfy my big appetite.

 Onions, Garlic, Chilli powder, Curry powder and any other herbs and spices (there are so many). These will flavour your food and make it taste delicious.

Baking potatoes

Baked vegetables

Make salsa and sauces with ripe tomatoes or ground almonds, garlic and soya milk to make creamy dressings.



Keep hydrated and drink plenty of water. Add a slice of lemon or cucumber 

Have melon alone and not with other fruits or foods.  It digests fast and is one of the fastest absorbing foods you can eat. Melon gives you a fast natural vitamin boost. 

Herbal teas are soothing and hydrating

Make your own ginger and lemon tea by boiling some ginger pieces and lemon together.

Infuse mint leaves and really e
xperiment with fresh ingredients. 

Meal ideas

Huge crispy fresh salads

A mono meal of ripe fruit

Make one fruit a whole meal. Melon or Mangoes etc

Homemade soup

Smoothies packed with bananas to keep you full.

Huge vegetable curry or stir fry with rice.

Massive portion of baked chipped potatoes. 

Eat big, no guilt, just eat until you feel full

Ask yourself a question?

Am I hungry right now or am I having a craving.

Sugar and fat are addictive as are salt and alcohol they will make you crave them but take control.

Salt also stores water and causes bloating so cutting out salt can help water retention to drain away. 


Be creative. There are hundreds of things available. People always say to me
"What can you eat?" it makes me laugh because the choices are huge. It is only the mind that makes it limited. 


Keep in mind your cravings are normal and they will go away. Sugar, Salt, Fat and Alcohol & Caffeine are addictive. 


Continue with veggie curries, stir fries, salads etc they are really nice and so filling. Eat whenever you get  a hunger pang not a craving. Cravings will pass and soon go away forever.

Eat life and feel full of energy.