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The 333 plan


Many people do not realise that the mind is a very powerful tool.
What we think is very important and plays a large part in our lives.

How can I still my mind. Why am I unhappy. Who am I. My heart is broken. I am ill. When will the pain go away.  

Or Maybe
Im too busy. I have too much racing around my head. I must succeed. I have to get everything done and I am overwhelmed.

Mental awareness and practicing The 333 plan helps you to find peace and stability. 

Peace contains everything. No wanting, needing, worrying, torturing or inflicting.

Peace is still and non reactive.

The mind will run away to the past and the future you can observe it happening, you are the watcher. Do not judge or critisize the mind but watch it whenever you can.

The mind does not want to be in the present moment and will do anything to escape it.

You are not the mind.

Returning your focus to the Now is the pathway to peace and changing your thoughts creates your external world

Observe your need to see and read about pain. Watching the news, reading newspapers and magazines. Filling your mind with other peoples stress. 

These are habbits we have developed and they encourage a negative mindset. The mind is a garden which we can fill with weeds or with beautiful flowers.
The 333 plan creates a practice to allow you to take charge of your thoughts and turn your life into a beautiful creation.
You are the creator of your world.
The 333 plan helps you to wake up and take control. 


Jon Kabat Zinn ... Full catastophe living
Eckhart Tolle ...The power of now.
The China study ... T.Colin Campbell



What the health

We are all learning and life will always present new wonders when you open your eyes.
Yoga is not just physical. We need strong spiritual and mental health also.
Yoga is for the whole you.