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Being a food lover I understand how miserable it can be to feel hungry. I eat loads all day and still manage to either retain my weight or lose it if I need to.
My first tip is to cut out anything which does not grow naturally. Breads, processed foods, dairy, alcohol, caffeine etc. If it is not in its natural state then it is the reason for weight gain. Fat free means loaded with chemicals and sugar which turn to fat. Sugar is 100 percent fat free!!! This is a marketing slogan. Read the label.
We eat so much bread every day as a filler and it does the job. It bulks us and bloats us up for a good few hours.
The truth is we should be eating all day long. The body is not to be stuffed to last hours and to be under stress to filter out the nutrients and then expel what is left. This is our busy culture.
Stuff with food then go all day long? 
What we should be doing is filling our body will nutrient rich foods. Easily digestable and bursting with vitamins and minerals. Do you ever wonder why you are so starving yet overweight? It is because you are starving. Your body is starved of nutrition. It will always be hungry! On top of this we go on a diet and starve it even more.
I am eating around 2500 calories a day sometimes more and getting thinner and healthier. I am eating smoothies with fruits, dates, tender green leaves, huge veggie curries and brown rice. Big crispy salads. Roasted vegetables. Soups etc etc.
The colour of my diet is like a rainbow, nothing is beige, nothing is fried and a huge portion of my day is full of juicy gorgeous fruits.
I feel incredible. 
I like adding Cacao powder, coconut sugar & mint leaves to my banana and date smoothies to taste like a chocolate mint smoothie. 

My skin looks amazing, my nails and hair are strong. I am full of energy and my mind is alert.
If it grows from the earth you can eat it. The choices are endless.
Everything your body needs to heal itself and to look amazing is out there growing naturally.
Plants have everything your body will ever need and you can eat all day long. No calorie counting, no waiting, no misery. Not only will weight drop off you, you will glow.
Cut out meat for a period or even better give it up. Give the body a break. It is hard work breaking down meat in the digestion system. Meat contains all kinds of hormones, growth accelerators and other nasties that your body could do without. Not forgetting the terrible cruelty and suffering which is caused by mass producing all of that food. It also is heavily linked to the ever growing cancers and heart disease & it makes the body acidic which is a great breeding ground for disease. Our bodies need to be alkaline.
Anyway at the very least give it a wide berth whilst you embark on your journey to lose weight. If your body doesnt have the stress of digesting heavy meat products you will burn fat faster.
I make stews and stir fry's for my family with tons of veg and loads of brown rice. I snack on rice cakes and pea nut butter. I love wheat free pasta with fresh tomatoes, pepper and basil. Quinoa with pineapple and fruit juice. Apples, pears, loads of colour and fresh clean food. I can eat all day long as much as I want and never count a single calorie. High on a calorie count but there are no calories to count on my diet. Ever! Smoothies, juices. Just watch your eyes sparkle and your skin look younger and beautiful.
I became a vegetarian and found that vegetarian sausages and meatballs are as good as the real thing. Quorn products are growing fast on the market. They are helpful in your transition to becoming healthy but not as a mainstay. I am now Vegan and enjoy a diet rich with goodness and devoid of animal flesh or excretions.
Fill your body with purity and you will discover exactly how you were meant to look and feel.
I mainly gave up meat because I felt that the hormones in meat products had a direct effect on my own hormones and health. I started to realise that we have lost control of our lives and we eat what we are told to eat by the fast food/Supermarkets and money making organisations out there. We want food fast and we sacrifice our health for it.
Its time to take control. It is time to step out of the mindset and to see that what we are eating is destroying us. We literally have the power to heal and transform ourselves.

Drink plenty of water, water is the key to weight loss. It moves fat cells faster, helps digestion, clears away toxins and lubricates aching joints. Every joint in your body is under extra stress from excess weight. Drink mint tea, herbal tea and pure juices
Remember its not a diet but a real change of life style.

Dont worry about eating out or having take aways just try to stick to the no bread, dairy & meat etc. Have chinese vegetables with rice. Jacket potatoes with beans, vegetable curries.

Dairy is an item I would cut out too. 
Animals are under so much stress to mass produce and they are forced to accelerate in everything. Even if you have no thought for animals realise that the content of your dairy comes from an animal which recently gave birth. Its milk is fat rich to accelerate the growth of a baby Calf into a fully grown Cow. It is filled with high hormones of an animal which is not your species. It can contain mucus, blood, ant biotics etc.
It is pure animal fat which is naturally made to grow a baby calf and to add fat. It has no benefit to the human body. Our body does not require dairy after we have reached the stage of weaning and solid foods.
Imagine pushing a block of cheese down the sink and trying to wash it away. It is a greasy clinging substance which enlarges fat cells and promotes cellulite. Filtering dairy through the body is taxing and inevitable that weight gain will occur. Not to mention the plaque building inside arteries which narrow blood vessels to the heart and cause heart disease. High colesterol can only come from animal products. Nothing else. Think about it and use the internet to educate yourself. Its all out there.
We all know Cream cakes, Lattes, Cheese & Pizzas are bad for us.
Deep down we all know all of this already.
I gave up dairy and literally watched the cellulite I had dissolve away. Good riddance ha ha.  
I am a great believer that every single action has a consequence. It is time to be aware of the food industry and your own body. Its a huge challenge but I find this type of challenge an incredible buzz.
Its not just about the way you look on the outside. Its about cleansing your body deep inside. It makes you feel clean and light. Your organs get a break from all of the hard work that they are doing every second of every day. Even when you sleep.
Juicy nutritious fruits are food we just need to change our thinking.

A typical day for me consists of a huge glass of water on waking, Juicy fruits like a whole melon, a big plate of mangoes, five freshly squeezed oranges etc for breakfast. I only eat when my body feels hungry and first thing in the morning I do not feel like food. My breakfast can be at 11am sometimes.
Its all about being guided by the signs of the body and not the thoughts of your mind.
Lunch is two massive smoothies or a huge bowl of juicy fruit. They give me so much energy and I feel full to burst.
Dinner is a massive salad and I mean huge. I chip potatoes and bake them on a stick free paper sprinkled with curry powder or any spice I like (no oil) and I can have 2lbs of potatoes no problem. I eat until my body is full to burst.
This is a regular day for me and I love my food so much and never feel deprived. 

Beware of the addictions which will run riot with you at first. They will not take kindly to change.
Removing Sugar, Caffeine, Salt, Fat will make you feel like a drug addict going cold turkey. The good news is they dont last more than two weeks. You will feel like Hell depending on how much you consumed in the past.
Headaches, lethargy, anger, depression, sadness etc they are not pretty! For me I used them all to help me see how destructive they are if coming off them caused such terrible feelings. Just deal with it, go to bed early and be strong. They soon pass and then get ready for the opposite feeling to kick in.
Yoga is all about taking care of yourself as a whole. Not just a temporary fix but a complete life style change. It puts your skeleton back in line. Strengthens your muscles and creates space around the joints, soothing your nervous system & making you feel great. Your skin, hair, organs, joints, sleep pattern, stress levels will all change for the better. You will interact with people better and be more aware of yourself and those around you.
Yoga to me is a wake up call and Im here to help you to wake up.
Come to my class and join me in this beautiful practice.
You wont regret it.






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