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Being a food lover I understand how miserable it can be to feel hungry. I eat plentifull all day and still manage to either retain my weight or lose it if I need to.

I am a qualified nutritionist and I healed severe pain from Arthritis and Fibromyalgia on The 333 plan.
This is a plan that I put together whilst writing my book and healing from my own personal ailments.
Good health is dependent on nutrition and from eating living vibrant foods.
Your cells make up your entire body and an unhealthy lifestyle promotes poor health and drains your inner life force.

 Firstly I would cut out anything which does not grow naturally. Processed foods, Breads, Dairy, Alcohol, Caffeine etc. Eat foods in their whole natural state.
Processed foods are loaded with chemicals and refined sugars which turn to fat. Sugar is 100 percent fat free!!! So do not be fooled by the fat free label.

The body requires highly nutrient rich foods. Easily digestable and bursting with vitamins and minerals.
Do you ever wonder why people who are overweight feel like they are starving?
It is because they are starving. Starved of nutrition. Always hungry! On top of this they then go on a diet and starve themselves even more.
I eat lots of calories every day, I never allow myself to feel hungry and I feel vibrant and energised.
I enjoy smoothies with fruits, dates, tender green leaves, huge vegetable curries/chillies with brown rice, big crispy salads with nuts, seeds and creamy dressings, roasted vegetables, soups etc etc.
The colour of my diet is like a rainbow, nothing is beige, nothing is fried and a huge portion of my diet is full of juicy gorgeous fruits.
I feel incredible, youthful and nourished. 
I enjoy adding Cacao powder, coconut sugar & mint leaves to my banana and date smoothies which makes a tasty chocolate mint smoothie. I enjoy herbs and spices sprinkled on vegetables and salads and I like the endless choices available.

My skin looks amazing, my nails and hair are strong. I am full of energy and my mind is alert and focused.
My motto is if it grows from the earth then it is good. 
Everything your body needs to heal itself and to look amazing is out there growing naturally.
Plants have everything your body will ever need and you can eat all day long. No calorie counting, no waiting, no misery. Not only will your weight stabalise and reduce excess fat but you will nourish, glow, heal and feel happier about yourself.
 Give your body a break. It is hard work breaking down meat in the digestion system. Meat contains cholesterol, hormones, growth accelerators and other detrimental factors that your body would benefit to eliminate. It is not the most suitable protein source either (realise that animals get their protein from plants). Pigs live on a diet of soy and corn.
There is also terrible cruelty and suffering caused by mass producing animals in distressing conditions. Their lives are taken unecessarily and are a detriment to our health. Animal products are also heavily linked to cancers and heart disease, they have little value to the human body.
Meat & Dairy make the body acidic which is a great breeding ground for disease. 
Consider how the NHS is under extreme pressure from the growing number of Cancer cases, Heart disease patients, Obesity and Diabetes. If a standard diet was so healthy, why are we having a health crisis?

 If your body eliminates the stress of digesting heavy meat products you will burn fat faster, absorb nutrients more effectively and feel amazing.
I make stews and stir fry's with a variety of vegetables and a serving of brown rice. I enjoy snacking on rice cakes and peanut butter. I love corn pasta with fresh tomatoes, pepper and basil. Quinoa, Rice noodles, Oats, fruits lots of colourful fresh clean food. 
Smoothies, juices etc. I can eat as much as I need and never count a single calorie. There are no calories to count on The 333 plan. Ever! 

You will begin to sparkle and your skin will look younger and more beautiful.
 Enjoy a diet rich with goodness and devoid of animal flesh or excretions.
Fill your body with living foods and you will discover exactly how you were meant to look and feel.
 We have become a culture who want food fast and we have sacrificed our health for it.
Its time to take control. It is time to step out of the mindset and to see that what we are eating is destroying us. We literally have the power to heal and transform ourselves.

Keeping hydrated is very important. Pleanty of water helps to flush out toxins and fat, helps digestion and lubricates aching joints. Every joint in your body is under extra stress if you suffer from excess weight.
Helping to maintain a healthy weight will promote healthy joints.

Remember its not a diet but a real change of life style..

Don't worry about eating out or having take aways just try to stick to the no bread, dairy & meat etc. Have chinese vegetables with rice. Jacket potatoes with beans, vegetable curries etc. Most eateries cater to a plant based lifestyle because of its growth in popularity.

Dairy is a food source that I would remove from your diet also.... 
Animals are under so much stress to mass produce and they are forced into a production line.
 Even if you have no thought for the concern of animals, realise that the content of your dairy comes from an animal which recently gave birth. Milk that is rich in fat to accelerate the growth of a baby Calf into a fully grown Cow. It is filled with post pregnancy hormones of an animal which is not your species. It can contain mucus, blood, anti biotics etc.
 It has no benefit to the human body at all. We are in a country with rising osteoarthritis and it is a normal sight to see people over sixty in a mobility scooter or with a disability aid. Milk did not promote healthy bones. Our body does not require dairy after we have reached the stage of weaning.

Imagine pushing a block of cheese down the sink and trying to wash it away. It is a greasy clinging substance.  
Filtering dairy through the body is taxing and inevitable that weight gain will occur. Not to mention the plaque building inside our arteries which narrow blood vessels to the heart and cause heart disease. High cholesterol can only be produced externally from animal products. Nothing else. Think about it and use the internet to educate yourself. A plant based diet is becoming the sensible and kind way forward for most informed people who are working to improve their health and to heal.
Many athletes and celebrities are already adopting this lifestyle and a plant based lifestyle has increased by 700 percent in the last two years.

I am a great believer that every single action has a consequence. It is time to be aware of the food industry and your health. 

Its not just about the way you look on the outside. It is about cleansing your body deep inside. Eating highly nutritious foods makes you feel clean, light and energised. Your organs get a break from all of the hard work metabolising heavy animal products and has more chance of absorbing vital nutrients which are necessary for healing and repairing.

A typical day for me consists of a huge glass of water on waking, Juicy fruits like a whole melon, a big plate of mangoes or five freshly squeezed oranges, overnight oats with chia seeds etc for breakfast. I only eat when my body feels hungry. My breakfast can be at 11am sometimes as I allow my instincts to guide me rather than eating at set times.
Try to tap into the prompts of the body to eat and not  your mind.
Lunch is two massive smoothies or a huge bowl of juicy fruit, a big salad or a soup. 
Dinner is a large salad and I mean huge. I chip potatoes and bake them on a nonstick paper sprinkled with curry powder or any spice I like (no oil) and eat them with greens and salad. Or a vegetable curry, stir fry or chilli.
I eat until my body feels full.
This is a regular day for me and I love my food so much and never feel deprived. 

Be aware of the addictions which can be because of our food choices.
Removing Sugar, Caffeine, Salt, Fat may make you feel like a drug addict going cold turkey. The good news is that the withdrawals do not last more than a few days. You may feel unwell depending on how much you consumed in the past but once the initial withdrawal has passed, your body can begin to start healing.
Headaches, lethargy, anger, depression, sadness etc may occur from detoxing but they soon pass quickly. Good riddance to unhealthy foods, they do not serve you & they make you sick.
Try to go to bed early and be strong until you pass the initial part of your healing journey.
Then just get ready for the opposite feeling to kick in.
The feeling of wellness.
Yoga is all about taking care of yourself as a whole. Not just a temporary fix but a complete wholesome lifestyle. This beautiful practice re aligns your skeleton, strengthens your muscles and creates space around the joints, soothing your nervous system & helping you to feel great (which is your natural state). Your skin, hair, organs, joints, sleep pattern, stress levels will all improve for the better. You will interact with people better and be more aware of yourself and those around you. My plan The 333 plan is about understanding that your mind, body and spirit require your attention. The mind can create or reverse sickness, depending on your thoughts. 
Being at war with yourself and disconnected from your divine spiritual self creates unease and fear.
This can feel like life is out of control. Re connecting brings strength, power and happiness.
 This is your original state of being.
My class and The 333 plan is a wake up call and Im here to help take the first step.  
Come to my class and join me in this beautiful practice.
Workshops for The 333 plan are coming soon.