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Spiritual health




You are not your body and you are not your mind.

Deep within each and every one of us is a divine, unlimited spirit.

It is our true self and we are never disconnected.

We may have forgotten, but we know deep in our hearts who we really are, it is a subtle instinct in all of us. It feels like a strong presence in someone who is spiritually aware but it is not a seperate entity. 

Connecting deeply to our source is vital for our growth and evolution as a species.

Connecting is described as an Awakening or an Enlightenment.

Throwing the light onto something that was once hidden or darkened, but always present, always there.

This growth brings deep joy and contentment.
It removes all fear and unlocks our purpose and potential.

Your spiritual health is vital to your healing and your overall health.

Understanding the power that you have inside of you is of great importance. You are here for a specific reason, you specifically asked to be here on this earth.


True spirituality is also inclusive to all.

It is a universal love which has no boundaries, no exclusions and is open to all religions.

It is part of our destiny to understand our own true potential.

I had no idea about spirituality and spent years of my life searching and learning. I attended long silent meditation retreats and I observed and participated in many practices. I have sat in mediation for hours and hours over the last 30 years.

When the moment occured for me, totally unexpectedly and when I had almost accepted that there was nothing out there, I was catapulted into the deepest source of love that I cannot even put into words to type here.

Everything changed and I knew I was home.

Everything made sense and nothing controlled me.

My desire for most of the things I had previously considered important was gone. It was deeply liberating, empowering but also it was the love that I had been searching for the whole of my life.

I was able to realise clearly where the emptiness had come from. Without spiritual awareness we are full of emptiness, craving and needy, searching desperately to fill that missing piece of ourselves. All the time it was there waiting, faithfully and full of devotion and love.

I was able to allow the flow of source energy into all of my doing and I knew exactly what the purpose of my life was, at last.

Life started to go right in every way and I realised that all of my blindness had left me lost and unhappy in the past. Trying to control everything instead of working with a genuine and clear faith. It is now my sincere duty to share my experiences as a service to others. We are all here for each other and service to others is the path to salvation.
Enlightenment itself happens in one moment. One moment of your life could change your path forever. That is all it takes.

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